Why We Should Care About Our Environmental Impact

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How Exactly Do We Affect the Environment?


Energy is at the core of our discussion on environmental impact here at Integra LED. In order to generate electricity, we commonly use natural gas, coal or oil to generate power which creates carbon dioxide emissions. These emissions increase the greenhouse effect which means more thermal energy is trapped by the atmosphere. This causes the planet to become warmer than it normally would be without this effect. This can have disastrous effects on our planets and the more energy we use, the stronger this damage will be. There are many other ways humans can impact the environment but our focus at Integra LED is to reduce our energy usage which in return will decrease emissions and keep our planet healthier.


What Can We Do to Reduce Our Impact?


Integra LED specializes in LED lighting, a lighting solution that is more efficient and cost effective than traditional lighting options such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. By working with our organization, we can upgrade those outdated and inefficient bulbs to LEDs which will reduce your facilities energy consumption and save you money. In order to give our customers a better idea of the positive impact they can make by upgrading to LED, we include an environmental impact review page that highlights different metrics. These metrics are based on the decrease in energy use that comes from using LED bulbs which in return decreases CO2 emissions. For example, one of our most recent clients effectively saved 281,213.9 lbs. in CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to removing 27 cars from the road or creating 120.3 acres of forest in one year!


How Can I Get Started?


Many people believe they cannot create an impact big enough to make a difference but as you read above, it is absolutely possible. Integra LED offers a turnkey solution meaning we handle everything from ordering products and install to incentive paperwork for your project. All you have to do is schedule your free light assessment, so we can start helping you make an impact!

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