Top 5 Benefits of Upgrading to LED!

LED Light Bulb
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Savings! Savings! Savings!

LED lighting first and foremost generates savings for any area that requires lighting. Since LEDs use less energy than traditional lighting options such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, they are cheaper to run. Our clients on average cut their lighting bill by 60-75% compared to their previous lighting system. This frees up large amounts of cash for your business that you can utilize to grow your company further.


Upgrading to LED ensures your lighting will become more consistent and require significantly less maintenance than traditional lighting options. Without having to constantly switch bulbs, your facilities team will have more time to focus on more important tasks. This also connects to our first point, the less you have to replace bulbs, the lower your lighting cost.


Traditional lighting options contain harmful chemicals and use more energy than LED bulbs and fixtures. By upgrading to LED, you will reduce your footprint and help your organization become more eco-friendly. Therefore, you will be saving money as well as creating a positive impact on the environment.


Poor lighting can cause many issues. A parking lot with poor coverage can lead to safety concerns such as blind spots when driving at night. This is especially important now during the winter months considering we have significantly less day light than usual.

Lighting Quality

An office space with fluorescents can cause headaches leading to a loss in productivity within your workplace. These issues can be easily resolved by upgrading to LED’s which offer a smoother light source that is easier on your eyes. Finally, LED lighting can vastly increase the aesthetic of your facility which can increase the value of your property.


As you can see, LED lighting has many benefits for your facility or outdoor space. There are many incentive and financing programs that can help you make the upgrade without any pain or worry. We audit and provide you’re the information at no cost. Contact us using the information below and open a dialogue today!

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