Top 3 Common Objections About Upgrading to LED

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I recently had a conversation with a customer about the benefits of upgrading to LED lighting. We talked a few times to work through some of the objections he had about making the switch. By the end of our meeting, he understood how important it is to upgrade to LED lights and signed the paperwork to start the process. I want to help you overcome any hurdles you may think you’re facing when it comes to switching your facilities lights to LED.

Here’s the top 3 reasons I’ve found that people are hesitant to upgrade their lights! 

1. “We don’t have money for upfront costs”

Now more than ever, LED lighting is an affordable option. Utility companies are offering generous amounts of incentive money for businesses to make the switch to LED. Integra LED navigates the lengthy process to ensure you get the maximum amount of incentives available for your business. Furthermore, Integra LED offers many financing options to reduce the impact of any upfront cost. 

2. “There’s no extra time for installation”

Many businesses are concerned about our installation team interfering with daily activities. This is a understandable request and luckily we have a solution for you! 

Integra LED makes it a priority to work within the needs of customers and not interfere with their daily activities. Our installers can work almost undetectably during regular business hours. We can also install overnight, on weekends, or during manufacturing shut downs. Overall, we will work with you to ensure your business will maintain a regular flow of operations.

3. “We don’t believe the energy savings will have a great enough impact”

Our engineers perform an on-site lighting assessment by counting every light inside and outside of the building. Then, using your utility bill, run time hours, and current lighting, they create an LED lighting solution to save your facility energy. Integra LED works directly with your utility company to make sure their projections are correct. Checks and balances.

Calculating projected savings is fairly simple. If you’re taking a 32-watt, fluorescent bulb and dropping it down to a 10-watt, LED bulb, you’ve just saved 22 watts of energy every time you turn on the fixture. The less Watts you use, the more you save on your utility bill.

Bottom line: Switching to LED lighting will save your business money on their energy bill, reduce maintenance cost, and help the environment. Be the one who helps your business save thousands of dollars on their utility bills. Get more information about LED lighting by filling out the short form below!

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