Slash Your Lighting Bill This New Year!

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The New Year means many things. A new beginning. Ridding ourselves of old habits. Aspiring to improve. Then somewhere around January 10th, we forget that 15min brisk walk after work. I’ll do 30 minutes Thursday, you think…. In business we have a 2019 budget and we are going to stick to it! We don’t spend more because we forget, like that walk, but an expense inevitably comes up that you just have to deal with. Like that increase in Utility cost of 6%. Everybody remembered that right? Or taxes went up. Or a department head just told you he needs another 10% for a must attend conference. If you’ve got problems like this, we would like to help. 

Changing your workplace over to LED lighting will immediately reduce your lighting bill by 60-70%. It’s not magic; it’s math. What used to be a 32w tube we change to a 10.5w tube, and over the hours, days, weeks and months – that adds up to significant savings. We helped the Gloversville school district get $124,000 in incentives from the Utility, to help pay for their upgrade. They will be saving $135,000 per year – every year! We give you all of your information by way of a no cost audit and let you decide. Hoosick Falls Nursing Home needed a very careful, quiet install, and that’s exactly what they received. Typical paybacks are 2-5 years, and the lights last 10-22 years! Just ask local manufacturer Glaxosmithklein. Did you know that Sensodyne toothpaste is made right here in upstate NY? Neither did we, but when they needed thousands of lights, they chose Integra. The lights also lend themselves to a healthier workplace, reduce your carbon footprint and reduce landfill. Lofty goals for any institution. We can’t walk that 30 minutes for you, but we can reduce your costs immediately and make your year look brighter! 

Contact us today and we’ll send you a case study about a local workplace just like yours and see how much you will save.

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