Get Started With A Free Lighting Assessment!

Our engineering team will visit your facility at a time convenient for you and walk the entire area of the building. They will count and assess the current lighting system in your facility which is a quick yet detailed process. After our team has gathered this key information, we will generate a detailed proposal that highlights the potential savings, incentives and benefits your facility could receive by upgrading to LED lighting.

Start Saving Today!

Massive Savings

Our customers have seen savings up to 70% after upgrading their lighting to LED. Customers who install lighting control systems see even greater savings!

Incentives & Financing

Concerned about the cost of upgrading? Integra LED navigates all incentive paperwork reducing the cost of customers installations up to 30% and host multiple options for financing!

Benefits Beyond Savings

Our customers see a host of benefits beyond savings including increased productivity, less headaches and decreased maintenance cost.

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