FAQ’s from Business Owners on LED Upgrades

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How much does it cost?

An LED upgrade is different for every business as the lights are different in every building. The good news is the analysis from Integra is free. You provide us with a utility bill and we will come to your business and audit your space. Once we’re done we will propose a custom upgrade, calculate available incentive/rebate and determine install cost. Paybacks [the time it takes for the lights to pay for themselves] for business owners, tends to be about 2-3 years.

Do lights really pay for themselves?

An incandescent bulb uses 10x more electricity than an LED. A typical office 4’ fluorescent tube uses 3.3x more electricity every hour! By upgrading to LED it is a question of math. Once they pay for themselves they keep saving you money as they also last longer. LEDs typically last 10 years. Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs/tubes last between 16 and 20 months. After they pay for themselves, you keep saving!

I don’t have the money for an upgrade. Does anyone offer financing?

Yes. Your utility usually does and Integra is happy to navigate their paperwork of qualification, pre-inspections and post inspections for you. Those programs are often 0% finance but don’t fit everyone. Integra has an option that will fit your budget and need.

LED is too bright. Can’t anyone fix those blaring lights I see when driving?

Not all lights are created equal. Unfortunately some less reputable companies don’t take the time to evaluate the correct replacement. They put one in with too many Lumens, or worse they install without consideration for others. Integra is Dark Sky Compliant in that we follow guidelines to reduce light pollution. We light the pathways and parking beneath and not outward.

What’s the warranty?

All lights from Integra LED are warrantied for 5 years minimum. That means we avoid ‘deals’ from unknown manufacturers. We pay a little more, but that means you don’t have lights going dark in the middle of Winter. If something were to go wrong, we have the staff and team ready to replace your light immediately. With less than a 1% failure rate, you can be sure our light remains bright.

What if I want to do the upgrade myself?

You certainly can. For a lot of businesses though, the paperwork from the utility is a hassle. Then if you do have a warranty claim, you have to negotiate those calls yourself. If however you mean you have your own electrician and want Integra to do the rest, we will happily work with you on the project. We will still provide you with a labor quote to compare, as many electricians may not have much experience with LEDs. Our installers have experience with every fixture; every tube.

How do I get started?

Hit the contact button below, or simply call today and we can answer questions unique to your business. We will schedule an appointment with you to audit your facility at no cost and share our findings with you.

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