Waters Edge Saratoga Springs

Waters Edge is the premier homeowner’s association on Saratoga Lake that offers many amenities to the owners including a private beach, marina, pool area, and tennis courts! The association was aware of the savings available by upgrading to LED and the many benefits LED lighting could offer to their owners. They contacted the most trusted energy consultant in the area, Integra LED, who started the process by completing a complimentary energy audit of their facility. Integra LED generated a detailed proposal that included valuable insights showing how LED lighting could save Waters Edge over $4,500 annually on their lighting cost. Furthermore, Integra LED completed all the incentive paperwork with their local utility company which resulted in a total project cost reduction of 48%. 

After reviewing the proposal, the board of directors approved the project and Waters Edge quickly moved forward due to the impressive energy savings they would receive and the cost reduction Integra LED was able to secure. Integra’s installation team worked during off-hours as to not disrupt the activities at the association. The project was completed quickly, and Waters Edge began seeing savings on their first utility bill after the installation of LED lighting.  Furthermore, many owners have commented how much better the lighting looks and they feel safer walking through the parking lot at night.  One owner stated how much better the external tennis court and indoor pool lighting looks since the conversion.