Saratoga Regional YMCA

The Saratoga Regional YMCA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization governed by a local board of directors. The SRY prides itself on being more than a gym, it’s a community of over 27,000 members who are committed to strengthening the community and making an impact. One of the three charitable pillars of the YMCA is to be “for social responsibility” which perfectly aligned with the SRY’s decision to upgrade to LED lighting. Integra LED connected with the SRY to perform a full LED lighting upgrade of their Saratoga Springs branch. 

The first step was completing a complementary lighting assessment. This assessment enables our engineers to get a better idea of the current lighting system, so we can create the best solution for that specific facility. Integra LED works with several manufacturers to ensure the product we install is of high-quality while being affordable for our customers. After completing the assessment, we developed a custom lighting solution and began navigating the incentive application process. Utility companies offer businesses incentives on lighting upgrades to make the projects extremely affordable, Integra LED manages this entire process for our customers. From here, Integra presented the SRY a short yet detailed proposal that highlighted the financials of the project as well as the benefits they would receive. 

By upgrading to LED, they reduced their lighting energy consumption by 64% which substantially reduces their environmental impact while achieving monetary savings. Furthermore, Integra’s operations team reduce the total project cost by 21% through incentives they secured for the SRY. This reduced the total cost enough to create a 3.2-year payback making the project very financially sound. Over the course of 10 years, the SRY is expected to save over $200,000 purely on lighting costs after upgrading to LED with Integra LED. These are funds that can be reinvested into the community by the SRY to create an even larger impact and change more lives. After the installation was completed, membership noted that the space felt much cleaner and the lighting was brighter compared to the previous lighting system thereby eliminating dark areas in the gym.