What Is Color Temperature?

LED Lighting has seen many advancements over the past couple of years leaving consumers with many options to customize their lighting. One of the most notable options is the ability to choose and or adjust the color temperature of your LED lights. In this blog, we will cover what exactly color temperature is and how to select the best color temperature for your facilities lighting.

What Is Color Temperature?

Color Temperature is a measure used to describe how “cool” or “warm” the light being emitted from a source appears. The spectrum ranges from 1,000K (Amber) up to 10000k (White) but most applications stay between 2,000K – 6,500K. Below is a simple chart we created to help visualize the differences in color temperature. 

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The exciting part about modern LED lighting is that you can customize your lighting based on your preferences. Therefore, the examples above are not definite and Integra LED can create a custom solution just for your space!

What Color Temperature Should I Use?

Generally, spaces that promote comfort and class such as hotels, restaurants and certain retail locations utilize lower kelvin color temperatures around 2700k. Spaces that promote a modern and clean feel generally use higher kelvin color temperatures around 4000k. 

Integra LED prides itself in turnkey lighting solutions that truly require no effort from the customer. Our complimentary energy audit enables our engineering team to assess your current lighting situation and gather any preferences you have so we can create a custom plan just for you!