Smart Lighting Control Systems: Top Benefits

What is a smart lighting control system?

Although the name may sound technical, these systems are quite simple to understand. They enable you to regulate lighting levels and quality depending on the location or need. Having control of your lighting enables you to have a more customized space while increasing your energy savings using different features. 

  • Daylight Harvesting

This simple technology utilizes sensors to recognize natural light in a space then adjusts the artificial lighting accordingly. For example, if your office has a lot of natural light shining in, the control system will automatically dim the lighting. By doing this, you are reducing energy consumption at times where it is not needed. Overall, this increases your savings on energy especially when paired with a LED lighting upgrade! 

  • Increase Comfort and Productivity

Have you ever sat in your desk and became frustrated with the painful excessively bright lighting above you? With smart lighting control systems, you can quickly and easily dim your lighting to better suit your preferences. By increasing comfort, you may be more productive in your workspace because you won’t have the distractions of overly bright and painful lighting. 

  • Occupancy Sensors

Do you ever forget to turn off the lights after leaving a space? Occupancy sensors do exactly what the title says, they sense if a space is occupied and adjust the lighting accordingly. This creates massive savings by reducing the amount of energy consumed in spaces that don’t need to be lit. On top of this, it removes the human element of switching off all your lights so you will never have to worry about forgetting again! 

  • Increase Lighting Lifetime 

The three benefits listed above all reduce the unnecessary usage of your artificial lighting systems. By reducing usage, these lighting systems will last significantly longer! Pair this with an LED upgrade and you can see your lights lasting well up to 50,000 hours. This reduces the time and money required to constantly switch out bulbs giving your maintenance or facilities team more time! 

  • Savings

Smart Lighting Controls decrease your energy consumption. The less energy you consume, the lower your lighting cost will be. Therefore, control systems can offer massive savings for your business. Pair this with a LED lighting upgrade and you will be saving up to 75% on your utility bill every single year.