LED Lighting Controls Are The Future

In general terms, lighting controls enable the user to regulate lighting levels and quality depending on the needs or location of the user. Better control of the user’s lighting system allows them to customize their space while potentially increasing energy savings. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of smart control systems, you can check out this blog!

The Future of Lighting Controls

A traditional LED lighting upgrade will save a customer up to 70% on their lighting cost annually. These savings are significant, but the implementation of controls can further increase these savings. As LEDs become more adopted in the marketplace, LED control systems will become the leading force in reducing energy cost. Furthermore, control systems are becoming more advanced with new features to create more benefits for you. 

Below are two diagrams, the one on the left shows energy usage without a control system and the one on the right shows energy usage with RAB’s LightCloud system installed. As you can see, each feature of their control system offers subsequently lower energy usage. This reduced usage is what causes the cost reduction in your utility bill. For example, you can see that occupancy controls create significant savings during the middle of the day. The reason behind this is that many employees leave for lunch around noon without turning off their lights. Occupancy sensors will automatically turn off or dim those lights depending on your needs which can create additional savings for you!

How Can I Get Started?

The first step in improving your lighting system is gathering information on the current system to establish a baseline. Integra LED offers complimentary energy assessments to help you gain necessary insights such as current energy usage and maintenance cost. Once this assessment is completed, our engineering team will create a custom proposal based on your lighting needs. Our lighting upgrades are completely turnkey from securing incentive funds to commissioning your new LED control system!