LED Lighting As An Investment

What if I told you that there was an investment out there that returns 35% per year on average over the course of 10 years with close to zero risk. You would probably laugh at me, which is understandable, but this investment exists. LED technology has seen major advancements over the past few years including smart control capabilities, increase efficiencies and longer lifetimes. These new improvements have made LED’s a highly profitable investment for any facility or business. 

The energy efficiency industry can be daunting at times with hundreds of acronyms and abbreviations that will make your head spin. We ask you to take a step back and think of upgrading your lighting as an investment instead of a project. For example, check out the impressive results Ballston Spa National Bank achieved here! Over the first 10 years after upgrading to LED, BSNB will see an IRR of 40% which will save them $162,079 over the lifecycle of their investment in LED lighting. 

Now let’s take this a step further…

What if I told you that you have a partner who will cover part of the investment cost with you but wants you to have all the returns. Now you probably really think I’m crazy but there is someone who will do this, your local utility company. Utility companies offer massive incentive funds to help you make installing an LED lighting system in your facility easier. For example, Integra LED worked with BSNB’s local utility company to get them $15,422 in incentives reducing the project cost over 28% 

To wrap things up, LED lighting is a phenomenal investment that anybody can take advantage of right now! Integra LED offers turnkey LED lighting systems including installation, incentive paperwork, lighting design and more.