LED Lighting Applications: Parking Lots

Parking lots are one of the most common applications we see for LED lighting. They have long run hours and demand high amounts of electricity which creates the perfect opportunity for energy savings. Continue reading to learn about the most common replacements we see as well as the major benefits LED lighting can offer for parking lots. 

Common Replacements 



Flood lights are commonly used to illuminate large areas in outdoor spaces or a specific object such as a sign or flagpole. Safety and security are common uses for flood lights as well because they keep large, open areas well-lit to prevent intruders and ensure proper video quality from security cameras. 

Parking Area Lights

Parking area lights or area lights are commonly fixated to poles. They illuminate parking lots as well as roadways and pathways. Area lights offer direct lighting to the space beneath the fixture for employees and customers navigating the parking area. These are highly important as improper lighting can create dark spots which pose risk for patrons and employees at night.

Wall Packs 

Wall packs are placed on the exterior walls of buildings to illuminate the area directly around the building as well as walkways. Like floods, they offer safety benefits by providing light to entrances, windows and other common break-in points. 


Benefits of Upgrading Parking Lots to LED’s



Generally, LED’s use up to 70% less energy or Watts then it’s outdated counterparts such as fluorescent and HID lamps. Furthermore, LED’s last more than 10x longer then inefficient options such as the two listed above. Less replacements over time reduces maintenance cost and saves your facilities manager time. 

Safer for employees 

The first and major safety consideration is lighting quality to prevent accidents in parking lots. Dark areas caused by inadequate lighting can pose risk for car accidents especially near turns or narrow areas. Additionally, poor lighting can create liability risk for the company if an accident were to happen on company property. 

The second safety concern is the risk facility managers take when replacing parking lot lights specifically area lights that usually are fixated to 30-foot poles. These commonly require a lift or ladder to access which is not only dangerous but a laborious process. 



Overall, parking lots are an excellent opportunity to harness the savings and benefits of LED lighting. Integra LED has worked with numerous companies to upgrade their parking lots and make their facility more efficient.