How to Increase Safety with LEDS

On average, a workplace injury needing medical attention costs $42,000. Improving the quality of lighting in your work environment keeps workers safe and reduces the number of on-the-job injuries. LED lighting can increase safety for your employees and customers in your facility. Below, we discuss several ways that you can create a safer facility by upgrading to LED lighting. 

Lighting Quality 

Dark spaces in warehouses or parking lots can create hazards for employees and customers. LED Lights are a consistent, efficient and quality light source that will reduce those dark areas. A common example is a dated parking lot light that creates a dark spot. This can be concerning for drivers especially during the winter when it’s usually dark while employees are leaving the office. 

Reduced Maintenance Risk

Common lighting replacements pose several risks to employees. High bays and parking lot lights usually require a lift to be accessed which creates liability and safety concerns. Furthermore, proper measures must be taken when replacing ballast or fixtures that require contact with live wires. A common procedure used by electricians is Lock Out, Tag Out or LOTO which ensures that a breaker switch is not turned back on until the replacement(s) are completed in that area. 

LED lights commonly last 2x to 5x longer then outdated light sources such as HID lamps. Therefore, the less you must replace or maintain your lighting system, the less you must engage in the dangerous activities listed above. This not only makes your employees safer but allows them to focus on other maintenance task and be more efficient. 

Improved Employee Morale 

Office spaces are commonly fitted with fluorescent tubes that are associated with headaches, harsh lighting and inefficiency. Fluorescent tubes have a high flicker rate that is irritating to the human which is why many complain of migraines, headaches and eye strain when working under fluorescent tubes. On the other hand, LED lighting closely matches sunlight and creates a smooth source of light for your space. Upgrading to LED lights is a great way to create a more comfortable space for employees which can boost morale and productivity.  For example, a recent study found a 27% reduction in headaches with improved lighting design including the installation of LED lights. Reducing headaches can lead to a more productive workspace and comfortable employees.