How Do LED Lights Reduce Maintenance Cost 

Constantly switching out lights can be a pain but did you know the cost it creates for your business? LED lights most promoted benefit is lower electrical cost due to increased energy efficiency compared to outdated light sources. A commonly overlooked benefit of LED lights is the reduced cost of maintenance.  Below, we will discuss the different ways LED lights can help you slash your maintenance cost and end the pain of switching out lights. 

  • Product Cost

Although LED lights may cost more upfront, they last significantly longer. In contrast, fluorescent bulbs may be cheaper upfront but have a much shorter lifetime. Therefore, a lighting system with fluorescent bulbs will require you to constantly purchase new bulbs due to them burning out. Considering an LED light commonly lasts 8x to 10x longer than fluorescent bulbs, that means you would need to replace your fluorescent bulbs up to 10 times while you will never have to touch your LED lights! Each time you replace that fluorescent bulb, you are accruing unnecessary costs that can affect your company’s bottom line. 

  • Labor Cost

Every time a bulb or fixture goes out, a facilities manager or electrician must take the time and resources to replace the light. This either waste time for your company’s facilities manager or cost you money to hire an electrician to replace the light. Furthermore, many large facilities require a lift to access their lights such as high bays in manufacturing locations. Each time these lights are switched, it creates safety concerns for your employees who must use a lift. On the other hand, lift fees from electricians can easily add up when you constantly have outdated bulbs that need replacing. 

  • Disruption Cost

In order to replace a bulb or fixture, you have the potential to interrupt the workflow of your employees. For example, you need to use a lift to replace a high bay in your manufacturing facility. This lift may require employees below to stop work while the fixture is being replaced above them. An interruption like this can interfere with employees, decrease productivity and lose your company money! 

Overall, LED lights can greatly reduce maintenance by decreasing product costs, reducing labor and preventing disruption of your employees.