Benefits of LED Lights for Schools

Classroom with LED lights
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LED lighting is currently the most efficient lighting option which offers many benefits to those who install it. The most commonly replaced light source is fluorescent lights which have a few unhealthy disadvantages. The major drawback is color spikes. Essentially, fluorescent lights create spikes in certain wavelengths that can cause distractions and strain on the eyes leading to different negative side effects. Furthermore, fluorescent lights contain mercury, a dangerous chemical that is harmful to all. LED lights emit light that better resembles natural light and does not contain any toxic chemicals. Many schools still utilize outdated and dangerous fluorescent lights. We hope to educate you on the benefits LEDs can have on schools and their students!

Increase Efficiency & Durability
One main benefit of upgrading to LED lighting is increased efficiency and longevity of your lighting system. On average, our customers save up to 70% on their lighting cost after upgrading to LED. We have seen annual savings of $30,000 up to $150,000 depending on the facility. These savings can be used on other infrastructure needs in the school and develop new opportunities for your district. Furthermore, LEDs last around 10 to 25 years creating more savings by not buying and switching out inefficient fluorescent lights. Overall, LEDs create significant energy savings and reduce the amount of maintenance needed for your lighting.

Improve Test Scores
Schools have begun conducting tests to see the effects of new lighting systems on students test scores and the results are significant. A study in Colorado found increased test scores by over 10%. Many teachers observed that the student’s attention was more focused, and the atmosphere was more pleasant after upgrading. Overall, classroom lighting can have a positive effect on students.

Increase Comfort
As stated earlier, fluorescent light is made up of disruptive wavelengths that can strain the eyes of students. LED wavelengths more closely resemble natural light. Add lighting controls such as dimming, and you will be able to increase the comfort of your students. When students are more comfortable in their environment, they may be more productive and focused in the classroom.

Wrapping Things Up
News about LEDs benefits in the classroom is spreading from school to school and we want you to be on the leading edge of this technology. LED lighting offers significant benefits for students and increases the efficiency and longevity of your lighting system. Be the leader in classroom technology and upgrade to LED lighting and controls with Integra LED. Fill out the short form below to gain more information about an upgrade to LED with IntegraLED.

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