Why Integra?

Integra is the leading illumination consultant in the Northeast. We solve your energy efficiency problem through innovative and environmentally friendly technology. Integra offers a simple turnkey solution including navigating utility programs, financing and the installation process. An average facility sees savings around 70% on their lighting bill each year! 

Massive Savings

Our customers have seen savings up to 70% after upgrading their lighting to LED. Customers who install lighting control systems see even greater savings!

Incentives and Financing

Concerned about the cost of upgrading? Integra LED navigates all incentive paperwork reducing the cost of customers installations up to 30% and host multiple options for financing!

Benefits Beyond Savings

Our customers see a host of benefits beyond savings including increased sales, improved concentration, better color rendering, improved energy score, improved security, happier employees/customers, less maintenance, less power consumption, fewer accidents, reduced manufacturing waste.



What Clients Are Saying…

“The SRY was excited to partner with Integra on this green initiative. One of the three charitable pillars of the YMCA is to be “for social responsibility” and we feel that participating in a program that reduces our organization’s carbon footprint serves that part of our mission. The YMCA should achieve a ROI of just over three years on this project, so it’s perfect when we can align mission with monetary savings.”

John Pecora Chief Financial Officer