Case Study: Municipal/Government Building

A municipality contacted IntegraLED to facilitate the upgrade of the lighting systems throughout their building.

Information collected by our auditors during a free initial site visit helped IntegraLED design a custom solution that significantly increased the energy efficiency of the building while cutting their utility costs.

Additionally, the IntegraLED team also secured the best possible incentive and grant funding programs—effectively reducing the total cost of their lighting upgrade project by over 65%.

Financing options available to this client allowed them to put $0 money down. The total annual savings of $14,586 is actually $2,640 greater than the Customer Cost of the lighting upgrade.

Every LED lighting solution that IntegraLED offers comes with a standard five-year warranty and the bulbs have a life expectancy of ten years or more.

Added benefit of lower maintenance costs

  • Annual kWh Savings:
  • Total Annual Savings:
  • Gross Project Cost:
  • Grant Funding:

Customer Cost $11,946

Project Payback in 0.82 years
  • 5 Year Savings:
  • 10 Year Savings:
  • 10 Year ROI:

With the help of IntegraLED, this municipality reduced their yearly carbon footprint by:

67.1 metric tons of greenhouse gases
156 barrels of oil
24 tons of landfill waste
7,545 gallons of gasoline consumed
72,023 pounds of coal burned

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